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As a producer you have to know the difference between an inconvenience and a problem.

I was Captain in a Piper Navaho some 20 miles off the coast of Florida in the Bermuda triangle at flight level 180 (18,000 feet). In the middle of the night our number 2 engine burst into fire, looking out the right window the engine was trailing 40 feet of flames, that was a problem.

Craft service getting the wrong call time is an inconvenience.

Most problems can be eliminated by applying knowledge gained from previous experience. Having produced for more than two decades, problems are rare.

I am a veritable wizard at finding creative solutions to production issues.

As an Agency and Production Company Producer I am known for bringing jobs in under-budget, keeping the Clients, Creatives, Director and Crew happy. I love to hear "nothing went wrong".

In today's economy it is hard to find a job that is not financially challenged. Producers have to be inventive and excellent negotiators. I wear many hats, Exec/Line Producer, Agency Broadcast Producer, bidding, cost consulting, and DGA 1st AD. Being able to do many jobs gives me an advantage. I think with the right attitude you do your best work and at the same time make it fun and exhilarating.

I have produced in 32 States in the US and 12 countries in Europe and the Americas.

No job is to small or to big.

Great Projects:

Produced the Dirt Devil Super Bowl commercials staring Fred Astaire.

Shot trained dolphins one mile off the coast in the Bahamas.

Beat skydivers to the ground in a twin beaver during Hewlett Packard shoot.

Shot in Nice France for two days on a job that was awarded only five days earlier.


Private Pilot, Sailor and Gourmet Chef.

Married and I am owned by two big dogs.

Leaving SF for a 48 hour trip to LA