Arne Myggen (Hansen) Family history picture tour.
Pictures may be downloaded for press-purposes - from the private collection of Arne and Lillian Myggen
The backside of the Hansen shop & residence in Horsens, DK featured a mural painted by Emil Hansen, long before anyone knew what a mural was.
Emil Hansen (Arne's father) in front of his shop (circa 1940)
Arne & Lillian early dating pictures. Note the roomy pants and the hot babe.
The lovely couple, Lillian and Arne Hansen, married in 1945. Lillian was a pianist, and their first piece of furniture in the little apartment was a Hornung & Møller grand piano.
Arne & Lillian with sons, Bent and (looking elsewhere) Finn.
Arne Hansen took many (often zany) assignments for the Danish newspapers, climbing "Himmelbjerget" [Heaven-Mountain] (a 600 foot hill in Jylland.) on bicycle, and scooter-racing through the streets of Copenhagen.
Elephants were called to remove apple trees before building the home in Holte - plus Arne's first modelling job.
One of many Christmases in Holte, this one included "Oldemor" Great-Grandmother, Salamonsen. Bent just had to spoil the picture, while Finn looks on.
Lillian, Arne, Alfred and Else Madsen (Lillian's parents), Bent & dogs, Topper and Suzie enjoying the short Danish summer at the beach.
From 1965 to 1972 the Myggens lived in this house on Malerbakken 11, Holte. At the end of the road there was (and is) a forrest, which gave a nice echo if you sneezed loud enough.
Many Danish and international performers came to the home in Holte as time went on. On the left, Preben Uglebjerg is seen in a duel with Bent - and (right) Eartha Kitt is trying to drown Arne Myggen in his own pool.
Each summer vacation the Myggens took to visit Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, mostly camping. A special tribute is owed to Lillian, who was able to pack 4 people and everything they needed for 2 weeks in site a Volkswagon Beetle.
Terragona, Spain. Lake Como, Italy
Ventimilia, Italy Tronhjem, Norway
Bent's group "Quacks" in Holte, DK.
Sons Finn and Bent started "Myggen Productions", shooting a nature film based on Emil Reesen's "Rebild", and a tourist film, among other projects.
In Yosemite National park, Arne and Lillian broke down with their car and while waiting for help Arne noticed that the ranger had left the entry-station. Curious he walked up to the little shed, and as he did a car pulled up, assuming him to be the ranger. Arne did not miss the opportunity: Congratulations, you are car number one thousand and you can go in free., he joyfully proclaimed. The tourists were very pleased and drove in. The next car arrived, and Arne did not disappoint them either. All in all about forty cars were lucky that day, until the tow truck arrived and Arne left the station, just in time for the ranger to come back.

This was Arne's favorite kind of humor. He was tickled to imagine what the situation would later look like when car after car - upon trying to leave Yosemite National Park without tickets - would all claim they had been admitted as car number 1000.
Arne was a popular radio and television host, but never more in his element than when performing, or hosting events among fellow Danes.