When base camp is that little white dot (above) you have to make sure you bring everything.

Including fresh carrots for the horses.

We don’t work out of a conventional food truck, they are great for construction sites, we prefer the crew & clients to have direct access to the Chef. Vegetarians, vegans, people with food allergies and everybody else can walk up and talk to the Chef.

It is not unusual to hear, “That smells great, when do we eat?”

We specialize in the Tejon mountain region, but since some clients just have to have our food we have catered as far south as San Diego. It was off shore, a small challenge but that only made it fun.

Volvo featured     Irv Gordon and his 1966 P1800.

After three million miles, Splash was happy to provide Irv with a great meal.

He came back for 2nd’s and 3rd’s :)

The six guys out on the        heli pad also need to eat.

Let us know and we will prepare a to go meal for them or any other “splinter” group.

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