Food for Thought.

Food cost have gone up 22% in the last 5 years, yet most caterers charge the same old price for the “same old food”. Ever wonder where they cut their expenses? Probably food quality. We prefer to charge a fair price for a superior meal.        

We firmly believe that it is best to price meals based on the menu and the clients needs.  We prefer to work with you to provided the best you can afford. To do that we calculate the food cost, estimate the amount of shopping, cooking and serving time that will be required. Based on that we give you a detailed quote. You will see every line item.

If your budget has some flexibility or you are in the budgeting stage, we recommend talking to us about the type of food you would like to see on the table. If you are locked in, let us know what you can spend and we will work with you to see what we can provide.

Every “Splash” dish is created based on the requests of our clients. We think it’s fun to surprise your client with a menu item or two that tie in with their shoot. So if you are working for the Grape Growers Association we’ll plan meals that use grapes in several dishes... how about “Grilled Grapes and Oyster Mushrooms tossed in Celery Almond Pesto served  on Butter Lettuce” for a unique salad?

If your crew are big beef eaters, we can serve everything from a simple cold cut sandwich bar to a Black Angus filet mignon prepared to your liking.  If you want all vegetarian and a few vegan dishes, we’ve got a great selection of creative dishes. Our goal is to serve you an incredible meal and yet stay within your budget.

Keep in mind

We are “local” but local is 60 miles, one way, to a super market. Even further to Chef’s stores. Shopping is more expensive but it balances out because we have 2 hours less travel time to location and don’t need a hotel room. In the end we provide custom gourmet food for less than your typical LA caterer could.

Although we shop for the best deals we can find, we also shop for quality food. We have found quality Filet Mignon at less than you would expect to pay for a tri-tip at Wall Mart and we’ve had  fresh Salmon flown in from Seattle at less than Vons can sell it for. We look for value and when we find it we pass it on. However there is no guarantee what deals we will find at any given time. That’s yet another reason to customize menus, we can offer you the best at the best price.

If you agree with our philosophy of great food, prepared fresh, for a fair price, we’re your caterer. We promise you’ll have some of  “the best food you have ever had”

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