The California Condor                      (Gymnogyps californianus) has a wingspan of 9.8 feet. It is the biggest bird in North America, a full grown bird is 26 pounds. The Condor was close to extinction in 1985 with only 16 live birds. Now it has a population of 226 in the wild, most live in this area.

Splash Catering is located in the center of some of the most incredible film locations in Southern California.

These mountains are home to the California Condor. There is a reason Condors love this area, if you are lucky you will spot one.

Here is a small collection of the type of locations you will find. In addition, Tejon Ranch, offers 270,000 acres of some of the most diverse and beautiful locations. Please visit their web site for further information for the Ranch.

If you need assistance in finding the perfect location contact finn myggen.

One of Tejon Ranch spectacular locations

Dirt road on Mt Able


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