Catering by:

Carol Myggen

Splash specializes in catering for the film industry.

Co-Owner Finn Myggen is a 30 year veteran Producer and a DGA 1st AD.

We know production.

Located in Pine Mountain Club we are within a 30 minute drive of some of the most gorgeous film locations in Southern California. Tejon Ranch, Cerro Noroeste, Mount Pinos, Mount Able and even a private mountain golf course to name but a few.

We are the only Film Caterer in the area but no worries, we frequently hear,

“This is the best food I’ve ever had.”

Food should always make a splash. We do this in the simplest way possible.

We use the freshest ingredients and cook from scratch.

We cook most of the food on location. There is nothing better than fresh made pasta cooked “al dente” just before serving or a steak BBQ’d to perfection, served right off the grill.

We don’t use a “food truck” you and our food deserve better.

We strive to meet our clients needs with a menu that is designed for their event.

We continually update the website.

Please check back with us soon.


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