Project: Cadillac

Jack Morton Agency

Marybeth Atzinger.


Cannot thank you both enough for all the support you provided on-set – not only the delicious food, but your care and understanding – it was like we had guardian angels

with us!!

Project: Buick/Panther - China

Mana Media

Todd Raymond

Head of North America, Senior Producer.

I asked you to produce an all American BBQ feast for our Chinese client.

The fresh ground burgers and home made buns were great but the big hit was the applebutter and burbon baby back ribs.

Making steamed rice and Thai shrimp for the clients was a smart move.

But I have to say, you took it over the top with Panther Paw Cookies.

Project: Ford

Tejon Ranch Film Department.

Debbie Gabel

I wanted to let you know I’m giving your info to a producer ***

I told them how wonderful your food is!

You guys are definitely our 1st recommendation look forward to working with you soon.

Project: Ford

Motor home driver.

Hey Carol! 

It's Matt (the Motorhome driver from that Ford job)

I'm going to tell everyone abt your amazing catering company 

I'm still thinking abt the food :))

I would love to know how to make that curry barley dish that was my favorite 


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